GreyHawk Hill Kikos

Raising Quality Kiko Goats & Anatolian Shepherd Dogs in Western North Carolina

Canton, NC

Welcome to GreyHawk Hill Kikos

We are a small goat farm and apiary in Canton, NC. After beekeeping for several years, we decided to add goats to our little homestead project. We're a small operation, so goats seemed like the perfect choice. Once we started researching various goat breeds, Kikos stood out. We are currently building our herd to raise quality New Zealand, Purebred and Crossbred Kiko Goats.

During our goat research, we learned about Anatolian Shepherd dogs and chose them as our Livestock Guardian Dogs. Our Anatolian Shepherds are doing an excellent job guarding our goats!

Check out our gallery to see what's going on on the hill!

Our Animals

Meet the residents of the Goatery.

For Sale

We have kikos goats and Anatolian Shepherd puppies for sale. We have several Blue's Son grandkids weened and ready to go. See more photos of available kids in our gallery. Our Zelda had a litter of pups on 4/26/18. Puppies will be ready in July.

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Buckling #009 Purebred Kiko
Buckling #006 88% Kiko
Buckling #004 75% Kiko
Male Anatolian Shepherd
Female Anatolian Shepherd